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lj2016-104Lenni Jabour – suzuki piano, suzuki early childhood education

Lenni built Little Music’s Suzuki learning program in 2013 to foster a sustained love and understanding of music in the youngest students, focusing on developing talent and the bonding of families and community through Suzuki learning. An early music learner herself (thanks mom!), Lenni was classically trained in both RCM and Suzuki piano, and went on to live and work in the US and France as a professional musician and composer. Lenni’s expertise as a Suzuki teacher includes a special pedagogical focus on young learners. Her work has been featured in articles, interviews and professional talks; she is renowned for building a long game for excellence in musicianship starting from ground (and often, age) zero. Lenni’s expansive music knowledge and joyful, deeply caring approach in her Suzuki piano and Early Childhood programs have made her one of the top music teachers for children in the city. She is one of the only teachers in Canada with a Stage V/final level qualification for Suzuki Early Childhood education.

Lenni is the Past-Chair of the Suzuki Association of Ontario, a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and a member of the Early Music Association of Ontario. She is the founder and Director of Little Music Suzuki Method Learning in Toronto.


Julie Fader – Suzuki early childhood education

As a long-time, devoted Suzuki parent, Julie decided to take things one step further and completed her Every Child Can! course (the ultimate and official intro to Suzuki Method training) at the Royal Conservatory of Music  Julie  completed her Suzuki Early Childhood Education Stage 1 training with legendary program founders Dorothy and Sharon Jones.

Julie’s dedication to the Suzuki Method and its whole approach to education is grounded personally for her as the mother of Frances, a talented Suzuki student who began piano studies at age three. Julie’s patient, kind nature and deep curiosity about childhood learning, as well as her compassionate stance on parenting, allow her to lead Little Music’s SECE classes in a manner that is sensitive, encouraging, and lighthearted. Young children are naturally drawn to Julie, who gathered many tiny, adoring fans during her initial apprenticeship with Little Music.

In addition to her Suzuki teacher training, Julie is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who has toured and performed with many celebrated Canadian musicians including Blue Rodeo, Sarah Harmer, and Hannah Georgas. She is also an accomplished painter whose work has been shown and sold in galleries across the province.

Julie is a member of the Suzuki Association of Ontario and the Suzuki Association of the Americas.