What Is It?

Aliki children

A unique and advanced curriculum developed by Canadian pedagogs Dorothy and Sharon Jones with Shin’ichi Suzuki, Suzuki Early Childhood Education is a weekly group music class designed for children age 0 – 3 and up to age 4.  Little Music teachers have received training directly with Ms. Jones, and are very proud to lead this special first-music-learning experience in Toronto.

These classes with a maximum of 7 children per group (and their grown-up!) offer an interactive opportunity to play instruments, sing, learn rhythm, and elementary rudiments of music education – lovingly preparing a little one for eventual instrument classes.

Not a franchise nor based on any corporate business model, Little Music Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes allow for individual focus on weekly progress (visible even in the tiniest of learners), careful attention to skill-building, purposeful repetition, and fun fun fun.  The repetitive repertoire is not only a wonderfully thrilling thing for little learners but also provides them with an opportunity to master something.  And master they do.

Research studies showing the undeniable impact of specific music learning – even in utero – include improved memory skills, advanced cognitive ability and language, ease in social situations, improved emotional self-regulation, parent bonding…the list goes on.

Children in Little Music Suzuki Method Early Childhood Education classes also learn rhythm, timing, leading and waiting their turn, listening, dynamics, diatonic and chromatic, how to play drums and Orff, pattern recognition, ascending and descending, composition, melody and harmony, preparatory instrument positioning, counting, singing, practicing, mastery of repertoire – and how to have a great time in a class situation. These classes are FUN!