FAQs and Policies For Suzuki ECE

How do I sign up?
Our Spring semester is 10 weeks of 45-minute classes on Fridays March 24 – June 2 (no classes April 7), with an option for a 9AM or 10AM class at our Trinity Bellwoods location. Spring tuition is $262.50. You can easily register for our small, calm group music classes online by clicking here for all info.

Our sweet accompanying class recording is free, and can be downloaded here.

Meanwhile please sign up for Little Music’s newsletter, to be the first to know about registration for seasonal terms throughout the school year.

Why do you keep your class size so small?
Our uniquely small classes promote a calm environment essential for learning.  Teachers and parents observe, assess and discuss children’s positive progress together after each class.

What if my child is crying or disruptive during class?
If your little one is showing normal toddler behaviour during learning: having a tough time or running around, calmly take them out of the room until ready to join back in. There is no judgement of toddlers acting like toddlers, even if it can feel tough or tiring for grown-ups. Your teacher is there to support you. Continued disruption of classes may indicate a child whose needs differ, and options will be made to accommodate.

Why do we sing the same songs every two weeks?
Mastery is a key element of the Suzuki Method. Little children LOVE repetition; familiarity with “what is coming next” has been proven through research to be a deeply positive feeling for babies and toddlers, and is an essential element of Little Music’s learning environment.

Eek – what if I (the grown up) don’t know all the songs?
Don’t worry, just follow the teacher! The accompanying class recording is free, should be played at home regularly for both you and your child to get familiar with the songs together. Listening to the repertoire at home is a key element of Suzuki instrument learning, and it starts with our Little Music program.

My child is an older toddler. May I just drop him off for class?
All Little Music students must be accompanied by a grown-up: a family member (grandparents LOVE this class), or assigned caregiver. Little Music is not a drop-off program.

Class is right in the middle of our snacktime. Can we eat just munch in class?
We find children so engaged in our classes that snacking doesn’t come up very often, but due to various allergies of varying degrees (and the inevitability of a whole class wanting snack when they see one student enjoying theirs) please eat snacks either before or after class.

We need to miss a class. Now what?
Little Music does not offer refunds for a missed class. We can however offer a “virtual make-up class” if you can’t make it (easily arranged with our admin), to be used within the semester.  In the rare instance of a teacher cancelling, a refund will be offered.

I’m considering signing up, but first:  can I do a demo or a free “intro” class?
Ours is a purposefully small and focused Suzuki program, that features a learning repertoire based on weekly repetition – the benefits of which cannot be gauged after only one class.  Please click here to watch a short info-video about the exclusive educational experience Little Music offers, watch happy students and grown-ups in full learning mode, and feel free to browse through the other joyful videos on our YouTube channel.  

What is your refund policy?
Refunds are available either five calendar days before the start-date of a session, or within five calendar days after the first class of a session. In this case, the first class amount is deducted along with a $25 admin fee. The remaining amount is returned via your original payment method. Requesting a refund within this policy period is solely the responsibility of the registrant. These refund policies are not waived nor extended for any reason.  Please contact admin@torontosuzukischool.com with any withdrawal request.

What are your COVID protocols?
• If your child or their accompanying grown-up is in any way sick or under the weather, we kindly ask that you opt out of coming to class in an effort to keep everyone safe and well.
• Wearing a mask is welcome but not required
• Up-to-date COVID vaccinations are recommended for grown-ups and students 6 mos+, but not mandatory
• All families are welcome to bring their own shakers and small silk-style scarves
• Baby and toddler-friendly hand sanitizer in available and its liberal use highly encouraged
• Our teachers will wear a mask each week once class begins
• Shared instruments are disinfected between classes, and if possible mallets are disinfected between students taking turns.
Please note: students have close proximity to their teacher and their hands may be held/helped to play different instruments. Inevitably, children will at times get closer than 2m apart despite any effort to remain distanced. Further, our classes are held in the gallery space of a small private school for students in grade 6-8. Students at the school, although in a different area than our classes, may or may not be masked.